Muzzle Brake with Fake Silencer - Redirector Tube - Muzzle Cap - 4 in 1 Combination Package
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The Grizzly Gunworks Muzzle Brake with Fake Silencer, Redirector Tube and Muzzle Cap have been combined into a package deal. The order is totally customizable for your needs. The Fake Silencer Tube can be swapped with the Redirector Tube for hunting, target shooting, training or competing. The combo includes 1 Muzzle Brake with external threading, 1 Fake Silencer Tube, 1 Redirector Tube and 1 Muzzle Cap. Available in 416 stainless and 7075 aluminum.

Muzzle Brake - Fake Silencer - Redirector - Muzzle Cap - 4 in 1

Price: $345.00
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